Oswald A. Wilton Jr.
i'm so happy i could scream! and there's nowhere else in the world i'd rather be than here with you!

Oswald Arthur Wilton Jr.

anxious . sheltered . sunny

Sunny, albeit anxious and often confused -- All valid emotions from someone who missed out on a few centuries. Oswald was incredibly sheltered in life, and has had more than his fair share of culture shock upon waking up in 2020 as a vampire and being thrust into a strange and complex new life. A great lover of literature and history, he's often found under the shade of a tree and a pile of books beside him. Oswald is fascinated by technology of any era, and tries his best to understand how and why things function the way they do.

Though his disposition is generally cheerful; Oswald is a bit of a crybaby, and is frequently found moping about something or another. He's unapologetically himself though, and isn't afraid to defend his honour when needed.


Oswald was born to an English woman who married an Japanese musician in 1837, the latter who was mostly absent in Oswald's life. He grew up a forginer in his homeland and was ostracized by his peers for his heritage and crybaby nature.

Oswald was very close with his mother and her parents; as the mother/son duo would occasionally return to London for a few months at a time before returning to their little remote cottage in the Japanese countryside. It was shortly before returning to Japan when Oswald was witness to his uncle fatally shooting his grandfather one night.

He doesn't remember much of anything after that, and his memory doesn't resume until he woke up in police custody for the murder and dismemberment of his mother...two centuries later.

Art Refrence

<li>The plaid on his pants can be removed, but other details should be kept.<b>*</b></li>
<li>His eye color is the most important thing to keep the same, the hex code is #A7274E.<b>**</b></li>
<li>His hair being so large is not a stylistic choice, it really is that poofy.</li>
<li>His ears should be upwardly pointy but small, think tiny bat ears and not elf ones.</li>
<li>His ponytail is tied with a black ribbon.</li>
<li>He has faded freckles underneath his eyes and across his nose. (His arms do as well although he wears long sleeves generally speaking)</li>
<li>Accessories may include a small frilly pale yellow parasol, various books, tea, and flowers.</li>
<b>*</b><i>Only with permission.</i><br>
<b>**</b><i>Shading/lighting variation is okay! Just so long as the color is about the same. Eyes should lean more pink than red.</i> Click the image for ref notes!

Flower Language

Hover for names and the meaning behind each flower!

Amaranth (Amaranthus) – Immortality
Bachelor’s Button (Gomphrena) – Hope in Misery
Coreopsis – Always cheerful
Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) – The heart withering in secret
Locust (Robina) – Affection beyond the grave
Bay Leaf - I change but in death


  • Oswald has two Ball-Jointed Dolls made in his image irl, one of his human(oid) form and the other of his (anthro) bat form.
  • He fainted upon seeing someone in a bikini for the first time.
  • Oswald loves cats and owns a cream colored long haired one named Crumpet.
  • While he takes his blood mixed into tea, he finds it tastes better by itself, assuming it is warm and fresh, like a glass of milk.
  • He strives to be like his grandfather athough isn't as good of a gentleman as Oswald would like to imagine that he is.
  • His eye color when he was alive was a deep brown.
  • While he doesn't know or understand modern gender yet, he will eventually identify as a demiboy when he is explained what it is.
  • He adores cat videos and memes and will print out and mail them to his friends.
  • Oswald's favorite niche of history is medieval warfare.
  • He learned to swim when he was thrown into the Thames when he was still alive. Thankfully, he was a quick learner.